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Starting Charcoal

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who use charcoal grills and lazy people. Nothin beats cooking over an open flame that doesn't come out of a propane bottle. Charcoal adds flavor to the food you cook and gives you better control over flame ups and hot spots that plague gas grills.

Since you've chosen not to cook with petroleum products, why would you start your coals with a can of charcoal starter? It costs you more and your still cooking with petroleum products. 

The method described below saves you money, starts the coals every time, and makes you look really cool in front of your grill buddies.

Cut the bottom out of a large coffee can. For added ventilation you could drill some holes in the sides of the can. This is not necessary if you have good bottom ventilation in your grill.
Place the can on the charcoal grate inside your grill. Put a little paper and wood kindling in to bottom. You could also use a piece of Fire Starter from your grocery store. Fire Starter is little bricks of wax and saw dust used for starting home fire-places. I like using kindling from my back yard.
Stack as many pieces of charcoal on top of the kindling. Light from the bottom. Be sure to open the vents on your grill. Allow the charcoal to burn until it all turns gray.

Once the coals are ready, lift the coffee can with a pair of tongs or pliers. Your now ready to barbecue!