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To Cooking Products
All products available in Chicago and NW Indiana


Wonderful Fish-Fri.  A light, corn based coating for frying seafood.  Salt free.  All Natural. 


Tony Chachere's Famous Creole Seasoning, "the all-in-one seasoning in the little green can". Great for grilling and marinating.


LEA & PERRINS, The Original Worcestershire Sauce, makes any meal more memorable. It’s distinctive blend of spices from around the world makes a delicious and easy marinade. 


Tabasco Brand Hot Sauce, the original hot sauce for just about anything. Wander around the Tabasco web site but don't wait too long before you call on Chef Claude. 


Kikkoman Soy Sauce. Discovered in China more than 2,500 years ago, it is thought to be one of the world’s oldest condiments. Today, it is increasingly known in the West as a  flavoring and flavor-enhancing ingredient.


Bertolli Olive Oil. Use where a prominent, full bodied olive taste and aroma will be appreciated. Ideal for seasoning or drizzling on prepared foods.


Now OLD BAY is available across the country. The bold flavor is a versatile seasoning your meals cannot do without.