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What's New...
This is The Beer Drinker's Guide 3.0. You may have stumbled upon the original version which was The Beer Drinker's Guide To Cooking. We quickly realized that limiting the site to just cooking was, well, very limiting. Beer and food are wrapped into so many of the things Beer Drinker's enjoy; travel, socializing, entertainment, humor, even sex. So we expanded the scope of the site. 

We decided to design this site to be a default page when you start up your browser. So, make it so. All the standard start up page stuff is here, plus things that only a Beer Drinker could enjoy.

We could sure use some suggestions from you Beer Drinker's out there.

By the way, I know the Guestbook is not working. I'm waiting for Tripod to open up it's cgi-bin for users. Until then, it just looks good.