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We are the Beer Drinker's...
The people who understand the words retreads, quarterback sneak, metatarsals, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, carbide bit, jugs, second mortgage, and time shares. 

We are beginning to understand URL. HTML, and JPEG. We may be a little slow, that's because we've been busy forming steel billets, checking for out-of-round, squaring trusses, relining with firebrick, and replacing gaskets.

This site is designed for the average working class Joe. It contains the necessities and pleasures that a true Beer Drinker needs to surf the web. You may know us by other names; Blue Collar Workers, The Labor Force, The Middle Class, and John Q. Public. These fail to include all of us. There is one driving force that unifies us, it is the cause of and the cure for all of life's problems...BEER!

Therefore, we are the Beer Drinker's and this is the Beer Drinker's Guide to The Web, Cooking, Entertainment, Travel, Life, Love and more.